Launch iVAC 2L in Jordan

🚀A new milestone in Jordan 🚀
We are thrilled to announce the first protected High-Risk PCI with the successful support of iVAC 2L performed by Dr. Amer Al Karme, Dr. Ibrahim Jarrad, Dr. Kareem Salhiyyah at Al Khalidi hospital in Amman, Jordan.
👨‍⚕️ Procedure: Unprotected Left Main, 3-vessel disease, male, 67 years old, EF 15%, Syntax score 34, NYHA III, DMII, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Smoking/COPD, MI, Previous PCI. In total 4 stents deployed in 1st Diagonal, 1st and 2nd Obtuse Marginal. Overall PCI support with iVAC 2L was 60 minutes. ACT target around 280. Femoral artery surgical closed.
🚩Dr. Amer Al Karme: “I was happy to use iVAC 2L during this high-risk procedure; patient has a 15% EF. The system gave the right support, is very user-friendly and much more easy to use in comparison with Impella CP.”
🌟Congratulations and a huge thanks to Dr. Amer Al Karme, Dr. Ibrahim Jarrad, Dr. Kareem Salhiyyah, cathlab team and our local partner Decision Makers For Medical Consumable EST.


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Launch iVAC 2L in Jordan