Center of Excellence

The PulseCath Academy consists of several sections and levels. To gain practical experience with iVAC 2L you can contact us directly for onsite training, hands-on workshops in combination with a simulator or live case training in a Center of Excellence. PulseCath has 12 Centers of Excellence worldwide.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn when to use the short term percutaneous ventricular assist device (pVAD), iVAC 2L in clinical practice
  • Understand the differences between pulsatile and continuous flow
  • Understand the technology behind the device
  • Gain a better understanding of how the iVAC 2L is more efficient
  • Learn how to identify the right patient (high-risk PCI)
  • Learn when to use iVAC 2L vs Impella CP
  • Further understanding of large bore access management
  • Centers of excellence

    Heart glossary

    Understanding the various components and terms related to the heart can be helpful in understanding its functioning and in diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 7

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 6

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 5

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 4

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 3

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 2

    Case-in-a-box congress - video 1

    Case-in-a-box number 2: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

    Case-in-a-box number 1: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

    iVAC 2L Procedure Steps

    iVAC 2L Setup

    iVAC 2L Trouble Shooting

    iVAC 2L Clinical Effect

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    Center of Excellence