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PulseCath® is focused on developing ground-breaking technologies designed to assist the life sustaining pumping functions of the failing heart.

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Facts & Figures

  • Registrations

    > 50 countries approved registrations

  • Cases

    > 175 shared cases on LinkedIn; > 400 reported cases

  • > 1.300 iVAC 2L sold

    > 35 distributor agreements

  • Hospitals

    > 45 hospitals use iVAC 2L on a regular base; > 9 Centers of Excellence.

  • Patients

    > 600 patients world wide treated by iVAC 2L

  • Clinical evidence

    > 30 publications

  • Indication

    The iVAC 2L is intended for use in patients with impaired left ventricular function which require left ventricular mechanical circulatory support for up to 24 hours


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    What they say


      iVAC 2L provides a better support, increases cardiac output and gives us more time in terms of performing long high risk PCI procedures. In this case the patient was refused for surgery.

      During the complex CTO the iVAC 2L system helped to stabilize the hemodynamics during the critical parts.

      We really saw the support of iVAC 2l and it helped us to treat the complex lesions which would be much more difficult and dangerous to treat it without the support. Patient had very fragile vessels and it was much more safer to do the procedure with the support of iVAC 2L.

      During inflation the pressure still remaining high, operator very satisfied, no stress for the team, patient was hemodynamic stable during the procedure.

      Because of the use of the Shockwave IVL Sytem, it was necessary to have a percutaneous MCS system. The support of iVAC 2L was very good.

      Because of the great support by iVAC 2L we were able to perform a longer procedure without interruptions. The patient was hemodynamic stable during the procedure.

      I was happy to use iVAC 2l in this case of severe impaired LV function with totally occluded LAD and collaterals from the RCA that could be used and may lead to ischemia; having hemodynamic support with iVAC 2L has helped to overcome this limitation.

      I was happy to use iVAC 2L during this high-risk procedure; patient has a 15% EF. The system gave the right support, is very user-friendly and much more easy to use in comparison with Impella CP.

      This technology gives us better blood pressure support for very sick hearts while performing complex interventions. It allows us to perform these procedures more safely with better clinical outcomes for the patient and less stress for our team.

      Patient was hemodynamic stable during the procedure and we couldn’t treat him without support.

      iVAC 2L system is very easy to use.

      Another life saved in Malta, Mater Dei Hospital,  thanks to successful PulseCath iVAC 2L MC support during haemodynamically unstable VT Ablation to treat refractory VT.

      Patient was hemodynamic stable during the CTO LAD procedure; positioning of the IVAC 2L succeeded without any major problems and the closure after the procedure went very well.

      We performed complex percutaneous revascularization in an old patient with 3-vessel disease and iVAC 2L helped us maintain stable circulation throughout the duration of this procedure.

      The support of iVAC 2L was lifesaving during this challenging CTO intervention.

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    Case-in-a-box number 2: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

    Case-in-a-box number 1: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

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