Fast and easy emergency solution.
    Highly flexible catheter.
    Cost effective and familiar execution.


iVAC 2L Femoral Approach: IABP to LVAD at the Touch of a Button

The iVAC 2L is a short term, fully percutaneous, 17Fr transfemoral LVAD that effectively generates blood flow up to 2 liters per minute. By actively unloading the ventricle, the iVAC 2L provides critical hemodynamic support during high-risk revascularization procedures, in cases of acute myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock and for high-risk patients.


  • Natural pulsatile support.
  • Fast and easy emergency support solution.
  • Fully percutaneous approach.
  • Highly flexible catheter.
  • Cost effective and familiar execution due to a universally adaptable design that fully integrates with a standard IABP console.
  • How it works

    The iVAC 2L incorporates a patented rotating 2-way valve which is connected to an extra corporeal membrane pump via a 17Fr single lumen, 100 cm long catheter. It can be used with any standard IABP console and does not require dedicated hardware.

    When the heart is in the systolic phase, blood is aspirated from the left ventricle through the catheter tip and lumen into the membrane pump.

    During the diastolic phase the membrane pump ejects the blood back through the catheter, subsequently opening the catheter valve and delivering the blood to the ascending aorta through the side outflow port, thereby creating an “extra beat of the heart”.

    The pulsatile synchronization between the closing of the aortic valve and the opening of the catheter valve, ensures that aortic valve function is not impaired.

    The iVAC 2L directly unloads the heart by active aspiration from the left ventricle, and simultaneously creates a counter pulsating flow in the ascending aorta.

    • Single lumen, 17Fr, 100 cm long catheter.
    • Bi-directional flow catheter.
    • ECG triggered counter pulsation.
    • Provides pulsatile support.
    • Increases mean arterial pressure.


    The iVAC 2L is intended for use in patients with impaired left ventricular function which require left ventricular mechanical circulatory support for up to 24 hr.

    The iVAC 2L tip should be positioned in the left ventricular cavity through the femoral artery.

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