First successful iVAC 2L case in China (Hainan Boao)

📢 PulseCath expands in China and Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

We are delighted to share the news of the first successful iVAC 2L case in China. The procedure was performed by Professor Ruiyan Zhang, Jingwei Ni and Yunwen Hu in Ruijin – Hainan Hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University School Of Medicine (free zone Hainan Boao).

👨‍⚕️Patient, 55 years old, male, hypertension, DMII, Hyperlipidemia, smoking history. 3 vessel disease, severe stenosis of LAD. Cardiologist team tried to do PCI LAD in July 2023, but failed because of the severe hypotension, Ventricular tachycardia, cardiogenic shock when the guide wire was introduced into the LAD. So they decided to stop the procedure and waiting for the iVAC 2L protected High-Risk PCI. During iVAC 2L protected High-Risk PCI, cardiologist team performed LAD-RA, PTA and stenting. Patient did not feel any uncomfortable during the whole procedure, which means iVAC 2L gave a very strong support during the high-risk procedure and the patient was hemodynamic stable during PCI. The patient was discharged 5 days after the procedure and cardiologist team will follow up the 90-day outcome of him.

Congratulations to the cathlab team and thanks to our strategic partner Huadong Medicine.

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Case-in-a-box number 2: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

Case-in-a-box number 1: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

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First successful iVAC 2L case in China (Hainan Boao)