First iVAC 3L Case Performed in a Cath-Lab

The first iVAC 3L case in a cath-lab was performed on January 29th, 2010, in Prague University Hospital, the Czech Republic, by cardiologist Dr. Neuzil with the aid of vascular surgeon Dr. Petr.

The indication was a high-risk PCI to dilate the only remaining artery to the patient’s heart in a 54 year old male with ischemia in both legs.An approach through the axillary artery was used through an 8mm graft.

The placement of the iVAC 3L began at approximately 12. ; pumping commenced at approximately 12.

Once the dilation of the artery was completed, the patient was found to be stable and the iVAC 3L was removed.

The patient is now alive and feeling well.

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First iVAC 3L Case Performed in a Cath-Lab