Poland Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions

WCCI, or Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions , is one of the most important conferences organized in Warsaw under the auspices of the Association of Cardiovascular Interventions (AISN) of the Polish Cardiac Society. Together with our partner Medaccess we are exhibiting this Warsaw Course.

Some highlights:
👉2 WARSAW-CHIP workshops: Interactions with clinical experts on complex & high-risk lesions treatment. One of the sessions was hosted by Prof. Tomasz Pawlowski, MD, PhD, FESC Pawlowski with iVAC 2L and a simulator.
👉Live case: University Hospital in Cracow complex protected high-risk PCI was performed by Prof. Bartuś, Prof. Tomasz Pawlowski, MD, PhD, FESC, Dr. Pawlik. Procedure: female, 61 years old, multivessel disease, EF 40%, refused for surgery, attempted to high-risk PCI on last remaining vessel. Vessels to treated: LAD multiple stenoses, CTO RCA, recessive Cx. OCT guided PCI, two stents implantation supported by iVAC 2L device. Femoral artery closed with MANTA vascular closure device. Patient was hemodynamic stable during the procedure.

We would like to thank the organisation for the successful event and all participants for joining.

Case-in-a-box congress - video 7

Case-in-a-box congress - video 6

Case-in-a-box congress - video 5

Case-in-a-box congress - video 4

Case-in-a-box congress - video 3

Case-in-a-box congress - video 2

Case-in-a-box congress - video 1

Case-in-a-box number 2: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

Case-in-a-box number 1: Al Qassimi Hospital February 2023

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iVAC 2L Setup

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iVAC 2L Clinical Effect

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Poland Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions