⚡️ In Italy a new center started with a protected High-Risk PCI with the successful support of iVAC 2L. The procedure was performed by Prof. Francesco Versaci, Dr. Armando del Prete, Dr. Igino Colaiori, Dr. Giuseppe Biondi Zoccai, Dr. Vincenzo Rossi in Santa Maria Goeretti, Latina.
👨‍⚕️ Procedure: male, 85 years, NYHA class III-IV, EF 30%. Patient was refused for surgery. Elective procedure. Lesion to treated in LAD.  Stent deployed in LAD. Overall PCI support with iVAC 2L was 55 minutes, flow 1.5 liters per minute. ACT target around 220. Femoral artery closed with double Perclose ProGlide closure device.


iVAC 2L Procedure Steps

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Italy new center started with iVAC 2L in Santa Maria Goeretti, Latina.